Notifier Watch Face

by Studio eXtreme


New Notifier Watch Face with missed calls, unread messages and emails for Android 5 WearFeatures:✔ Missed calls✔ Unread messages✔ Unread emails (It supports ONLY Gmail accounts)!✔ Weather ✔ Style: dark and light✔ Custom colors✔ Hour, Date✔ Battery indicator✔ Phone battery indicator✔ Enable/Disable smooth seconds✔ Screen time
To install:1. After install run Resync app on Android Wear App.2. Long press your android wear watch and choose RichFace Notifier as you watch face
Tip✔ Sometimes you need to wait longer for transfer to watch✔ If the watch face is not shown on your watch after few minutes, to try re-sync or follow these steps:
1. Disconnect devices (watch and phone)2. Uninstall the watch face3. Restart watch and connect device again4. Then finally install the watch face
Compatible with Moto360, LG G Watch R smartwatches (Round and Square)
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